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Jun 3, 2017
I took a break from Keto through the weekend, and egg salad and tuna salad are new and wonderful again.

In covid shutdown news, the place I live has a gym. They are social distancing it, which means, reservations 24 hours in advance. 1 hour of use. 1 person at a time.

The upside (besides loving being the only one there) is the reservation system is forcing me to structure my day, which thank Christ I'm doing.

Also, I tried Hoist from because it was at the gas station, I heard about it from @amlove21 's IG podcast -- and, dang, it is SO GOOD.

I swear-- its great. The taste is great. I felt like crap then I didn't. It's a super electrolyte drink, only has 7 carbs (I only drink coffee and eat egg/tuna salad) so it's fine for keto and me, and I'm stoked about it.