Current INDOC graduation standards?


Aug 25, 2018
Does anyone know if the standards at the beginning of this thread are still valid? Also for anyone (like myself) who is looking for info on a good description of the events for INDOC check out this link.


For the PAST requirements check out this link (or click on PAST in the linked page above.
PAST Standards

I am not a PJ, but at 36 I have decided I want to be one. I have 18 years in the Army (all three branches, Reserves currently) and so long as I dont get injured (knock on wood) I am certain I can meet the graduation requirements since a few of them I can meet at my "natural state of fitness" and am training for the events till I get accepted. I have been doing in depth research on the Pipeline and so far it looks like a lot of fun, as though this is what I should have done 18 years ago. I kinda feel like all the suck I have endured gives me an edge over the guys fresh out of basic training, due to a mental calus...but I have been wrong before!

RIGHT? I mean we all bitch about things- but you're 100% right. At least there is an attempt.
I will see your necroposting and raise you informative links.

The links I posted say "No flip turns" but can I push off the wall when I turn? How should I be turning? I want to train for the events how they are graded, not how I am used to doing them.