DARPA's Iron Curtain

Discussion in 'Special Operations Technology' started by LimaOscarSierraTango, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. LimaOscarSierraTango

    LimaOscarSierraTango Infantry Verified Military

    I hope this technology gets perfected and implemented soon! This is some slick stuff!

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  2. fox1371

    fox1371 Exitiabilis Verified Military

    That is pretty sweet! Once in awhile we get a bad ass advancement in technology, and this gem would be extremely beneficial!
  3. DA SWO

    DA SWO SOWT Verified SOF

    Still crap your pants and have a concussion.

    Good start though.
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  4. JBS

    JBS Leatherneck Verified Military

    That is badass, but maybe they should move the exclusion area out a few more meters (?).

    Still, absolutely amazing, and I can see being a TOW Gunner or part of an armored support CAT/Scout unit being a very different thing. I'd be interested to hear how many low flying birds were mis-identified during the development phase.

    I can't imagine why versions of this couldn't be mounted on just about anything, right? Tankers, LAV's, Bradleys, VIP vehicles...
  5. fox1371

    fox1371 Exitiabilis Verified Military

    The thing that I love most about this system, is that I don't see a way for the enemy to adapt to it while still utilizing the same weapon system. We've dumped millions into things such as mine rollers etc, however the enemy goes out and bypasses it with a few extra meters of wire.
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  6. lindy

    lindy Verified SOF Support

    Throw rocks at my truck again hajji! :D
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  7. reed11b

    reed11b Paratrooper Verified Military

    Shoot down from a roof or hill.
  8. NeverSayDie

    NeverSayDie Unverified

    How many times can it do it in succession?
    Can it be adapted to fire up as well as down to limit vulnerability to perfectly vertical shots?
    If so, can it distinguish between ingoing and outgoing rounds? (mounted Mk-19's)
    How vulnerable is the radar box?
    How well can it be armored without sacrificing detection capabilities?

    Also, I can imagine some ingenious hajji/skinny finding a way to place shrapnel or ball bearings on/in their warheads. We are talking about the folks that adapted rusting RPG-7's into anti aircraft weapons after all.

    nonetheless, still a a pure stroke of genius with enormous potential to save lives.
  9. JohnnyBoyUSMC

    JohnnyBoyUSMC Click, click, boom. Verified Military

    what they have in development is amazing. I recall when a magazine did a article on the next ghost recon game, they had actually contacted DARPA for some technical help and also to know what what they were gonna show in the game was close to what was being designed for future warfare. DARPA gave em some ideas but basically told em "anything you guys show in the game is about ten years behind what we already have in development"
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