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Discussion in 'US Naval Special Warfare' started by DustinHake, Jul 30, 2011.

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    So I have had some trouble with the NAVY recruiters because I was homeschooled. It is to my knowledge that this should not be an issue. Still they are saying that I cannot even take the ASVAB. I am in top shape trying to go straight into BUDS after bootcamp, and I have scored 90+% on all the practice tests on the web. Does anyone have some advice as to why I am having so much trouble? And does anyone know what I can do about this situation? It is in my heart to serve, and I have been dreaming and getting prepared to become a SEAL for the past 4 years now. I am 20 and I do not understand why this is such a problem.
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    I never heard of this before. If homeschooling will get you into a major university, shouldn't it be good enough to get you into the Navy? Ask them specifically what the problem is, and if they'll put it in writing. Then go talk to an Army recruiter, that's a better service anyway ;)
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    You probably need to go take a few college credits if you have not already done so. It depends on your state and how they award credit and diplomas, some states will not honor a "home school" diploma, and require you to take the GED or some college (normally 12 credit hours in basics). Here in Texas if you are home schooled you are required to take an exam at the local school district your last year of home schooling, depending on the score you will or will not be awarded a diploma from the local school district. If you do not test well you will have to get a GED or find a college that will allow you to enroll. Most large universities will enroll someone who was home schooled (if they test well), however most community colleges will require you to get a GED prior to enrollment.

    The Navy (any branch) is going to go by what your state says (i.e. the Texas example for Texan enlistees). The recruiters are not fucking you around; they simply have some set guidelines they have to follow. Now here is the shity thing, if you go and get a GED like they will probably make you, you will probably have to still take those 12 college hours to get into any special programs. Believe it or not, apparently every 20 year old dude wants to be a SEAL. There is no shortage of applicants, just a shortage of qualified, mentally and physically capable.

    Good luck, I would personally go take the GED and try and test out of as many college credits as you can. Then take whatever else you need, then come back to your recruiter the most qualified applicant (that way he can get you the contract you want).
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    Enlisting with a home school diploma is not the same nor as simple as enlisting with a high school diploma. There are alot of rules and regulations that cover this, and in alot of cases it is considered on the same level as a GED, which most branches will not consider at this time with out at least 15 100-level college credits.
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    I am pretty positive the instructor who taught you at hom (tutor, parent, family member, etc.) has to be reviewed by a certification board or something along those lines. Unfortunately, and I know this is not the case of this young man, the teachers have to be questioned somewhat more strenuously b/c they are not fulltime teachers in public academic arena. I would ask the recruiter all the questions with what they needed to make it happen. There is a waiver for everything. Good luck to you.
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    Well, I can't argue any of those facts. I want this more than anything, so I'll do whatever it takes. Thank you very much everyone for taking the time to give advice!
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    I had the same problem. Actually on top of that I got my GED. But I was able to remedy this problem by taking a few college course. When I was up to 15 credits I was able to enlist as being equivalent to a high school graduate. I am in the reserves now, just doing school, as I am looking for OCS in my future, but really beyond my experience, I can't tell you much because military policy concerning people with your situation changes a lot. Different recruiters even for the same branch will tell you different things.

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