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May 10, 2012
Shaking a tree! Do you see me on the map?

The T129 is a formidable, new, highly powerful and capable all-weather day and night multi-role attack helicopter which is being developed in cooperation by AgustaWestland, Aselsan and TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) for Turkey and other export markets. It is based upon the AW129 and its predecessor, the battle-proven A129 Mangusta platform. 1200kg Weapon payload, excellent performance for ‘hot and high’ conditions, 300nm range and endurance of up to 3 hours are enabled by state-of-the-art LHTEC-T800 engines, making the T129 a critical multi-role resource for attack, reconnaissance and deterrent operations. Low signature and agility ensure maximum stealth, and a significant weapons payload enable the T129 to operate in the most hostile of battlefield environments as well as in confined areas typical of current military scenarios. Latest technology features and Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment, delivers vital mission capabilities and survivability tools. The Integrated mission equipment package includes an advanced Targeting and Sight System (FLIR, CCTV, laser designator), Helmet Mounted Sight and Display, secure communication, precise navigation equipment and Data Link. High survivability enhanced by ballistic tolerance and crashworthiness is a fundamental design feature. The T129 benefits from the high field supportability necessary for an aircraft needing to operate in remote areas with the minimum logistical support.
My question is European parts or Asian, this looks like something you would find at Wal Mart?


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Sep 8, 2006
Not Afghanistan
If you read the press release quoted in the OP, it is a derivative of the A129 Mangusta which first flew in the early 80's. The T129 is just an updated, developed by the Turks, version of the original A129. Like a Mi-8/ Mi-17 or the Mi-24/ Mi-35. Some airframe desgin, but with new engines, avionics, and weapons. Just like our Cobras in the Marine Corps.

Isn't that the same helicopter that was in Goldeneye like 20 years ago?
That was the Eurocopter Tiger.