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Sep 6, 2008
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MC made me laugh when she looked up the business (I knew about it, she didn't) and she read this about their "Rites of Passage" experience...

This is a specially designed, four to five day, Father-Son/Mother-Daughter/Parent-Child or Corporate Team Leadership, Rites of Passage camp. For this, we call upon our credentials and experience with what we do within the federal government training sector. You and your team will arrive into the Vegas desert area where you will initially be instructed on basic survival and military type skills, in a rural encampment, which will provide team-building and problem solving scenarios for you to collectively engage in. These activities include field expedient shelters, fire starting, field survival, weapons handling, marksmanship, zip-line, land navigation, and more. From there the program transitions into the city for leadership classes and then culminates in a private ACO experience, battling together in our Apocalypse!
Medicchick said:'s a camping trip with you?
This is a good gig and company to work with, with some solid guys from what I have heard.