Have questions about OK ANG TACP


Mar 28, 2020
So a brief summary of myself I am currently in the army as a mortar infantry squad leader. I am stationed at Bragg and my contract will be up in a couple of months. I have been interested in TACP for a long time and found the big army wasn't for me. I am ready for something more challenging and that is more specialized and requires a higher degree of skill and like minded people. I am already in great shape but continuing to get better.

Now to the point. My main question is would my wife be able to accompany me once I started the apprentice course or would she have to stay home. Also, since I already have airborne school what would that do for me in the pipeline? Would I just sit around or would I just go to the next stage or could I possibly get into another school? This next question is targeted towards Oklahoma ANG guys or anyone who knows for that matter, but what is the unit at Will Rogers like? And my last and dumbest question is since I have an EIB and I had TACPs that graduated with me that led to me wondering what that would do for you as a TACP. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback I get.


Verified Military
May 29, 2018
I don't have an answer to your first question, but I can put you in touch with somebody who can. As far as airborne, you'll just continue on to SERE (if you hadn't already gone to it) or head back to your unit for upgrade training most likely, depends on what the unit wants to do with you. I know a few guys at that unit and can get you a POC if you'd like one. Message me directly if so.