How to think


Verified SOF
Nov 3, 2020
So. We’ve been a capability for over a century now. Our identity has waxed and waned and morphed over time. We’ve been Psychological Warfare. We’ve been Deception. We’ve been Psychological Operations. Briefly, we’ve been soup.

It’s been a long time though, since we actually thought about what really makes us relevant, and what might keep us that way. These days, they’re talking hats, web operations, cyber, and all kinds of tools. Leaflets and loudspeakers used to be a lot more valuable than they are now, but from WWI to the GWOT and beyond, in battle and competition, the biggest baddest tool in our kit has always been the minds behind the tools.

It’s important to think in terms of human behavior, because essentially, warfare doesn’t exist without it. And that’s our bag of beans. The proper application of environmental pressure with a clear understanding of the target audience toward a well defined behavior is the only thing that should matter to us. What do we want them to do? How are we all together going to get them to do it? Unpack those two simple questions when you want to serve whatever mission is in front of you, and you succeed as a Black Knight.

What say you?