Intro Piece


Apr 23, 2017
Hello all,

I recently graduated with my undergraduate degree and have been lurking on multiple SOF sites, forums, and whatnot for the past year or so. I have decided, after what I consider to be a decent amount of research and a lot of introspection, SOF is a goal worth striving for. I am unsatisfied with my current desk job and believe my propensity to never quit along with my draw to serve my country is a good launching pad for this pursuit.

I am getting married in June of next year and will utilize the time until then to train up to, and surpass, the standards of the SOF I have chosen; the 75th Ranger Regiment. I joined this site for training tips, news, and possibly a mentor. I live in the immediate area of one of the Ranger Battalions and would be humbled and honored to train with, and learn from, a current or former Ranger in the area.

Thank you,