Jul 29, 2016
I came across this site by chance during research about Combat Rescue Officers. I am prior USMC 2003-2008 avionics tech. I became an EMT-B when I got out of the corps and worked in an ER for 3 1/2 years. I am currently the ICU Swat RN/ Relief Senior House Manager at a community hospital and have an interest in flight nursing. I finish my BSN in a few months and am considering joining the reserves as a RN. I have learned alot as a nurse, an ICU nurse, an EMT, and a SWAT nurse that I want to put those skills to use in making sure our boys come home. Nurses tend to be behind the lines from what I understand in the military and have been awed by the PJ's and CRO's. I have read a few books on PJ's and it has been incredibly motivating. If I could gain some insight on CRO's, flight nursing in the military and other gigs that RN's do in the military that would be awesome. Thank you.