Introduction - Army 4th year HPSP student


Sep 14, 2020
Good evening all,
I am a current 4th year medical student in the Army HPSP program which is the scholarship option for those of us who did not choose/apply to Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Since before I wanted to go to medical school, my plan was to enlist out of high school with hopes of doing all the hooah Army stuff I saw in the movies and heard about from friends’ family members who were fighting post-9/11 over in the Middle East. Long-story short, my family barred me from enlisting but I ended up applying for the medical school scholarship years later behind their back (they were surprisingly supportive). That being said, the drive to want to do the “hooah” stuff has never gone away. I am currently applying for my Army residencies with an eye for Internal Medicine but have recently had second thoughts and may want to pursue family medicine as I have heard this is a much more common pipeline to the special forces community. I joined this forum with hopes of finding advice and mentorship. Ideally I’d love to hear from physicians but if anyone knows anything about special forces medicine and the opportunities afforded to physicians in this community, I’d be very grateful. Unfortunately a vast majority (I’d say 9/10) people I ask about this have no good answer with a usual response of “why the hell would you want to be operational?” Thank you for accepting me and I look forward to learning so much from this forum in general.


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Sep 16, 2019
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You should start by reading all of @SOSTCRNA ’s posts.

Also research the difference between Special Operations Forces (SOF= a group of different units that fall under a category) and Special Forces (SF= One single unit that is nicknamed “Green Beret”)