Deren Thompson

Jun 3, 2016
My name is Deren Thompson, I am a civilian currently working in Healthcare IT.

My uncle, Richard J Thompson, was a Night Stalker who died in October of 1983 in Panama (I can post a link if it's approved in this forum but wanted to follow rules and not post links right away).

My family has told me bits and pieces about Rick growing up and it took until recently when my Grandpa passed away to hear more about my uncle and his time in the service. I don't know much about his time in the service but I have one of his Army jackets at home. I've never had the honor of serving in the military but have a great respect for all who have and I feel a lot of that comes from knowing my uncle paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I was born 2 years after he died but I want to know more about him while in the Army. I know this is a long shot but wanted to post here to see if anyone knew him or if anyone knows more about the crash in Panama. I have a family of my own now and am going on a Summer road trip in July and had thought about stopping by the memorial wall in Ft. Campbell, KY and paying my respects to the unit and those who died.

Mostly I'm curious and just looking for information on him, the work his unit did in Panama etc. Thanks to all who have served!

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Sep 28, 2010
Welcome to SS. I am sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing. It seems he was a big influence in your life. A couple of things come to mind that mind:
1. You can list his passing in the "Fallen Special Operators" area. Read through several postings so you see how things generally flow in those threads.
2. We do not have a "Night Stalkers" area per say. Under Joint Discussions is a "Military" area in which you could post about your uncle, and perhaps someone will have known him.

If you have questions or difficulties, you can send me, or any Staff member for guidance.