Sep 8, 2016
hey fellas what's up dude said I'm suppose to do one of these to stick around so here we go

I'm from Brooklyn New York born in 1998 3 years old when 911 happend 2 of my family members died there, they worked in a restaurant called "Windows On the world" I heard it was a fancy joint. In about 3 days it's gonna be 15 years so Rest In Piece to the family members who lost loved ones that tragic day, And stay sharp people those dudes always like to do something shady that day. Decided I'm gonna join the Marine Corps at an early age and join Force Reconnaissance Battalion now it's Company either way still is my goal. As I said I grew up in Brooklyn in the Southside poor family and still poor to this day but shit what more can I ask for Im enlisting in the Marine corps, it's in Williamsburg and when I was growing up there it wasn't filled with all these hippies and shit I don't know what the fuck just happened in these last 3 years there but got dam. Yeah I'm enlisting in the Marine Corps infantry contract of course why else would I join huh. Nobody in my family really knows I'm trying to be as a matter of fact Gonna be a Special Operator cause well I got a Hispanic family who likes to talk shit and shit on your dreams and tell everyone what you do so and I don't need everyone knowing I'm a Force Recon Marine when the day comes for me. The only reason my family even knows I'm enlisting in the Marines is cause my cousin join 4 years back just got out to an 0311 when he said he's joining the corps I told him I was to, and my brother heard and started making fun of me saying I'm never gonna go it cause of this and that so I just ignore him cause he's a pussy so who cares what he thinks and most of my family ass well I use to tell them I wanna gonna be a cop or some shit I don't know I forgot. I'm currently going to the recruiters office but gonna change offices up soon because the one I'm currently going to I feel that they think I can't do this so there not taking me seriously.

Reason for being here is I want more information on the Force Recon Company's cause I know shit done change since 2006 when Marsoc Stood up also looking for some information on them to so let's see what happens but my main focus is Force Recon Not Marsoc Raiders but if the opportunity presents itself well why not then.
Sep 18, 2015
Portage, WI
Welcome to the site! Just some friendly advice. Most won't take kindly to being called dude or bro, as a matter of respect.

Best of luck to you!