US Army
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Jul 7, 2019

My name is Ted but I go by Teddy. I'm at 21 year old soldier in AIT to be a 35f (all source Intel analyst) in the army.

I'm here to learn about opportunities for analysts in both the SOF community and the big army. My aspirations go beyond my MOS, and I hope to receive some guidance.

To cut to the chase, I want to get down and dirty. The more I learn about Intel the more I want to participate in reconnaissance operations, whether they be in SOF or CAV/INF units. Several instructors here have seen forward deployment/combat as analysts. (several while attached to SOF)

I want to be a direct participant in information collection as well as analysis. It is my hope that the community can help me with that goal. In the future, when I'm into my career, I look forward to giving back to those coming in.