USS Boogaloo

Verified Military
Apr 8, 2020
Good evening Shadowspear Community,

I am currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserves as a 3521: Automotive Maintenance Technician. I'm in excellent physical condition so I have always scored high first class PFTs and CFTS along with shooting expert on the range. I scored a 97 on my AFQT and my Marine Corps GT Score is 131. My civilian job is working as a Plane Captain for F/A-18E/F Super Hornets under a DoD Contract with the Navy.
My whole life I have been interested in becoming some sort of an operator and that passion has yet to abandon me. I am currently processing over into the Army under an 18X contract. I have had my conditional release approved by MARFORES, so the hard part is out of the way. I'm under a distant mentorship of a current Green Beret who trekked the same path I am currently traveling, minus the 18X contract.
My goal is to become a Green Beret for many different reasons. I am searching for advice and information to further my knowledge of the SOF community and what it takes to operate at the outstanding level of our country's teams. I have a passion for the military, always have, and always will. I will see this through and I will be a Green Beret.

Thank you for your time.