Jun 10, 2020
Hey all,

About me: degrees in Cell Biology and Poli Sci. ~7 years in emergency medicine as an 911 EMT, ED Tech, Surgical Tech, and other positions full time during school. These last two years, I had the opportunity to work at an L1 trauma center which held a contract to provide clinical training to SOF personnel from all branches, FBI, Department of State, and other agencies. My position granted me the unique opportunity to work along side these folks on a daily basis and help provide training in advanced trauma resuscitation with the hope they will apply that knowledge down range. At the same time, I absorbed as much knowledge as possible from some really cool 18D's, SARCs, and other practitioners in really interesting units/jobs. Needless to say, it was a great experience and also helped lead me to this forum.

Why I'm here: Long story short, I thought I wanted to attend medical school and (more recently) do time in the mil as a doc. I would be the first doc in my family, good career, money, etc. I have the grades/test scores, however, I've learned that I don't have the passion for medicine I once thought I did. That realization has lead me here to learn about other opportunities outside of medicine. I've always been fascinated with the military since I was young, and am extremely fascinated with how our modern, globalized world works. The geopolitical ramifications that an incident across the globe has on the rest of the world is profoundly greater than most realize, and I love learning/discussing the how & why. In hindsight, I think my time spent in poli sci courses was far more interesting to me than in biology, even though I love the hard sciences (conundrum). So with that, I am considering a career in intelligence and am scanning the forum for whatever relevant info that may help guide my decision on seeking a commission as an intel officer. If I am reading correctly, an intel officer career path in the military will net me valuable educational and operational opportunities that may translate into a government agency career later down the road (which is the 1000m goal). I see there are a few intel guys actively posting here, so hopefully you're open to some mentoring!

Side note - It would be really nice if I could incorporate and expand upon my STEM education within the intelligence community.

Cheers and shout out to the medics.


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Dec 4, 2018
Welcome. Ask away on any questions you may have and someone will respond. Search engine is a great help.

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May 20, 2007
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Welcome to Shadow! Easy to tell which way I lean and any SFODA would be happy to have a dual trained MOS onboard!
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