Oct 26, 2020
Greetings all, thanks for allowing me to be part of the group. First of all I am a civilian CRNA who is giving some thought to becoming a reservist with USAF or USAR. A little background: coming from a military family going back to the first WW I was the first to go on and receive a graduate level education instead. In 1999 I was ready to accept a flight RN position with the 315th AES all fine and dandy but my wife was pregnant with our first. I knew that it was wrong time even though she was supportive. 2001 my second week in anesthesia training 9/11 hit. I remember feeling so guilty and useless (I’m a NYer) especially sometime later where I saw the very unit I was to fly with on the news. Fast forward to today and that little girl is graduating college, my other two are in HS and I’m still wondering what to do when I grow up. I’m 47, there are many logistics to go through including an age waiver for the army but I’m would surprise many. However the earth sun and stars need to align for this to work. If it does, I’ll jump at the opportunity. I know this is a SOF site yet the likes of SOST, JMAU and so on are not realistic for me though the 30 year old in me is chomping at it. I enjoy reading individuals responses and absorbing info especially from you medical guys So that’s what got me here today. Cheers