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Irish Army Ranger Wing (ARW)Photos


Formerly Known as Freefalling
Sep 8, 2006
Not Afghanistan
What a helpful and warm community this forum is.
Quite the opposite, but your attitude and subsequent Permaban won't allow you to see it. You don't bust into another man's home and act in any manner you desire. Had you taken the time to read and learn a little about us, we might not be here. Well, I'm still here, you aren't.

At any rate, your cheeky behavior caused this, not a lack of warmth on our part. We've raised money for our injured, we've financially helped our own through bad times, we've reached out and helped in a multitude of other ways like being there when someone was hurting emotionally, calling around and doing favors for one another, and mentoring a good number of wannabes into the SOF community.

So now I'm just angry at your childish statement and even more immature behavior. You don't know a thing about us, so you don't have the right to question us and you damn sure don't have the right to judge us. You certainly don't behave the way we'd expect a supposed Templar to behave, that's for sure.

Go away child.


Verified Military
Dec 4, 2006
Since my DNA now says I'm 80% Irish from Munster Province and 18% Scandinavian...instead of German...I can offer a salute to the elite Sciathán Fiannóglaigh an Airm.;-)
Man, dude wasted 0 time chasing that flash bang in.