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Sep 28, 2010
The ShadowSpear staff take vetting on our site very seriously. Applications are reviewed by the staff and a collective decision is made to approve or reject vetting applications. In the area titled "New Members Begin Here" the vetting process and categories are clearly explained. Also clearly explained are the documents we need to see for vetting. The application can be found in the top toolbar by selecting "Vetting&Requests". Within the application is a tab for attaching/downloading documentation for verification of your vetting. Law enforcement officers are no strangers to paperwork associated with just about everything we do. It stands to reason that vetting here at ShadowSpear would require documentation for vetting.

Since May 2015 there have been 213 Vetting Rejection letters sent out for missing or inadequate documentation. Because of the number of missing documents with vetting applications, the staff randomly tests the vetting application by attaching/downloading documents. Each test of the application and it's download ability has functioned properly 100% of the time. We have seen an assortment of very nice photographs of military members in uniform. While it is nice to see these photos, they are not acceptable as vetting documents.

We only hold applications and documentation for a very short time. Once they are given an up or down vote the packet is destroyed. Still, I would strongly urge that applicants take the time to protect your SSN and anything that you may want to protect such as your address. That having been said, we do need to see your name clearly on the documents. We do need to see your name, rank, and documentation that you were or are assigned to a SWAT unit (or its equivalent). Additionally, we need to see proof of formal SWAT training (such as a course completion certificate or departmental training record). If you have any questions about vetting, feel free to touch base with a Red Tagged Mod or Admin.
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