Marine Vietnam Vet receives Medal of Honor -


Sep 12, 2012
Well deserved Sgt. Major:

Medal of Honor: Trump awards nation's highest military honor to Vietnam veteran

The battle for control of Hue was one of the bloodiest of the war. North Vietnamese soldiers and guerrillas had overrun the provincial capital during the Tet Offensive. Canley and his Marines, outnumbered and outgunned, were sent to retake the city. After the battle, legendary for its bloody house-to-house fighting, Canley received the Navy Cross, two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart.

To Canley, the young Marines who served in Vietnam are heroes. Heroes who suffered from bad leadership, shoddy packs and belts, and a lack of relevant training. Canley, who is African-American, said race wasn’t an issue.

“We didn’t have a race problem,” he said. “We had a leadership problem. Period.