Maybe some driving lessons for Squids


Apr 26, 2015
Some do. The Naval Academy has the only squadron of YPCs that I know of. All Midshipman are required to take at least three semesters of Seamanship and Navigation during which the two hour lab period (once a week) is practicing on the YPCs. Many Mids will have a summer training block in which they actually take the YPCs out along the eastern coast. Up until recently this training was open only to USNA Mids but I noticed this summer there were several ROTC Mids that came through for YPC training. So the Navy is taking steps to include more officer accession programs in YPC training. HOWEVER, having heard several VDR Bridge recordings of crashed Naval vessels, I don't think this is the exact solution to the problem. Certainly training on YPCs would be good practice for young officers, but based on my limited experience, these crashes are a result of a bigger issue than experience or fatigue.