Mentor program

Nov 11, 2010
SOF Mentor
Just a heads up that we’re going to move/adjust some of the forum posts around in this section to make it a little easier for mentees to figure out how this works. It’s apparent that there’s confusion on where exactly is supposed to go, judging from the emails and PMs received. We’re also going to create a bunch of “shell” groups without mentors that can be claimed by anyone with those creds/desire to mentor. As always, if you already have the creds to mentor a specific group you are more than welcome to claim or create a mentor group (under the “groups” tab).

I incorrectly assigned the Army mentor group but @Kakashi66223 has volunteered to take it on after we get the admin reassign option bug fixed.

Also, remember that there can be multiple mentors assigned by the group’s owner, which we leave to the owner’s discretion. You’re also free to also create your own group, meaning there can be multiple groups on the same subject (two different Ranger mentor groups for example) to account for different mentoring styles and/or proactiveness of the mentor.
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