National Protest and 'disband the cops' discussion (please review page 1)


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Nov 4, 2015
More info on the Antifa instigator, Jeremiah Elliot, who aided in the death of Lee Kelter. In an earlier post here, you can see Elliot trying to stage a fight with people leaving the conservative gathering before the shooting.

Elliot's past was dug up and it happens he helped "lead" Antifa rioters during their siege of the Aurora Police building.
Jeremiah Elliott is an Antifa Commander, Video Confirms - No Mans Land EP

Video of instigator Elliot leaving the shooting scene at 00:00:38 sec yelling, "One less white fucking supremist! Fuck yeah! Right in the fucking dome!".
Jeremiah Elliott leaving area after Lee Keltner was shot

The name of the tactic behind the shooting is being dubbed "the change up".

TLDR: Basically the threat matrix has changed. Politically backed killings by Antifa, to sow public fear and distrust, are now in play. Also, the media/press are not your friends. In many cases they are actively aiding and abetting these people. 9News is also owned my a giant media conglomerate named TENGA, said media conglomerate is also running the investigative journalism for this incident. Digital Media | Digital Content Marketing US : TEGNA
Note the sympathetic way the reporter leads the interview as well as Elliot's demeanor.
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