Non-Aviation Officer Applicant


Apr 19, 2017
Evening folks,

Just joined the community after many Google searches pointed me back here. I've not been able to actually pick someone's brain who's been in SOAR (except the recruiter) so here I am.
I've just been accepted to the Electronic Warfare functional area. I'll attend the EW Transition course in January 2018.
I'm reaching out for some perspective and advice as I apply to 160th SOAR. I've reached out to the current EWO as well as the SOAR recruiter. I've gotten a general break down of the application and selection process and want to confirm that I understand it:

I put in my application packet which gets processed for 2-3 months. I'm accepted (hopefully) to a one week assessment. The Regiment will contact me and give a range of dates where I can go to Ft Campbell and assess.
Assessment consists of APFT, Class 2/type 2 swim test, ??mile ruck march, psychological interview, ASU Board.
Results of the board are: Accept and hire, come back again later, or dismissal never to return.

It gets a bit hazy here: If I'm accepted and hired, I'd go attend the EW transition course (as planned), then PCS to Campbell and spend 3 weeks in Green Platoon. In GP, I'll negotiate various physical, mental, and leadership challenges. I've been told parts of Green Platoon are SOAR history, range day (days?), and education on aircraft types & capabilities. After GP is complete, I officially begin working for SOAR.

I would like some more information about the one week assessment as well as some details about Green Platoon. General advice is also highly appreciated. I've seen their run/ruck train up on the SORB recruiting website and will maintain my physical regimen. I've already gotten my Ranger Tab as well as been to airborne and air assault schools. I'm not as concerned with the physical aspect (I don't underestimate it either) but I am more concerned with any mental or knowledge based preparation that I'll need.

Thanks in advance,