NOW HIRING: DOE Nuclear Materials Couriers


Feb 8, 2007
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NOW HIRING: DOE Nuclear Materials Couriers
We are now hiring for the Federal Agent Nuclear Materials Courier career field. The job posting is for all 3 duty locations Amarillo, TX, Oak Ridge, TN and Albuquerque, NM.

Below you will find a link that will take you to our Agency's Federal Agent Recruiting Website. If you are interested in applying after you have read over the information on our website you can click on the link that is marked: "Job is posted on USAJOBS" and it will take you directly to the posting.

Federal Agent Recruitment Nuclear Materials Courier | Office of Secure Transportation

Who may apply:

Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) eligible Veterans only - The Nuclear Materials Courier position will be filled using the Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) authority. Applicants appointed under the VRA are placed in the excepted service. After successful completion of 2 years of service under this appointment, conversion to the competitive service is possible. Veterans' preference applies for appointments made under the VRA authority. Please ensure you have supplied your DD-214 (proving your VRA eligibility and Age Waiver if you are over 37) and/or VA disability documents at the time of application when requested.

VRA Eligibility: The following criteria shows who is eligible for a Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA). This includes veterans who are:

In receipt of a campaign badge for service during a war or in a campaign or expedition (must be on DD-214); OR
A disabled veteran (must submit VA documentation), OR
In receipt of an Armed Forces Service Medal for participation in a military operation (must be on DD-214); OR
A recently separated veteran (within the last 3 years at time of appointment), AND
Separated under honorable conditions (this means an honorable or general discharge).
Please note: You must provide documentation that supports your eligibility for consideration under VRA. If you do not submit your documentation, you will be deemed ineligible for the position. See Required Documents in the vacancy announcement for more information.

Word of mouth is our preferred method for getting the word out to our veteran community. If you know anybody who might be interested please let them know about this great opportunity to continue serving our great nation!

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Curtis Johnson
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Curtis Johnson
Federal Agent Recruiter- Nuclear Materials Courier - U.S. Department of Energy - NNSA - OST


Apr 22, 2010
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Not the people who live here. Don't know who you talked to but my guess was federal employees.

At the risk of being shunned for knowingly quoting Wikipedia, "The project is widely opposed in Nevada and is a hotly debated national topic. A two-thirds majority of Nevadans feel it is unfair for their state to have to store nuclear waste when there are no nuclear power plants in Nevada[33] Many Nevadans' opposition stemmed from the so-called "Screw Nevada Bill," the 1987 legislation halting study of Hanford and Texas as potential sites for the waste before conclusions could be made."

That is actually very true.

Not to mention it's built on a fault or thirty. Forbes just ran an article claiming someone on the hill is trying to resurrect it.
A Nuclear Waste: Why Congress Shouldn't Bother Reviving Yucca Mountain
So I'm hoping the hiring isn't going to turn into, "Yeah, change of plans. This is for a job in Nevada."



Apr 25, 2014
DC Area
Yea, they were lol. That was the company that did the lions share of work on the Yucca Mt. site, but this could be an interesting discussion. Nuclear energy and the storage of its waste is actually very safe (in the US and Europe) because there are such an outstanding number of regulations. Everything down to the smallest nut in the entire facility has to be QG1 material which means it's all been quality tested. Is it going to hold down the shitter in the nuclear facility? Gotta be QG1.

I feel like nuclear energy has a lot of stigma to it, and that's why people don't like it.According to a Senate report, Yucca Mt is the most studied mountain on the planet. It has been deemed safe, but people don't want it because it's nuclear waste and that sounds like it's gonna melt your house, give your dog tentacles, and turn your dick green. And let's be honest, that Mt is in the middle of freaking nowhere. I lived out there for 3 months and at 80 mph, its 30 mins to Creech and 1 hour to North LV. Going the other way? Nothing. Pretty ideal place to put it. Also, that map could be misconstrued given that the US didn't stop underground nuclear testing until 1991 and that site superimposed on the map alone is credited with nearly 1000 tests, hence the large cluster of dots.

PS: Wikipedia is the tits. Pro tip, scroll to the very bottom and just use the sources that Wikipedia uses. No professor will know the better. Wait what?:hmm: