October 2019 AFECD/AFOCD officially released, enlisted Special Warfare career field implemented effective 31 October.


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May 23, 2011
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No significant changes in specialty classification (entry/retention of AFSC award) standards, qualifications, duty descriptions.

No specialty code change on the Officer side. CRO is still 13D, STO is still 13C and TACP-O is still 13L under the SPACE, NUCLEAR and MISSILE OPERATIONS, & COMMAND and CONTROL (C2) UTILIZATION FIELD (13XX).

The enlisted 1Z Special Warfare Career Field is implemented. Excerpt of the career field description emphasizes distinct specific enlisted occupation specialties and not specialty shreds.

The new enlisted Special Warfare career field specialty codes are:

AFSC 1Z1X1 - Pararescue.

AFSC 1Z2X1 - Combat Control

AFSC 1Z3X1- Tactical Air Control Party

AFSC 1Z4X1 - Special Reconnaissance (formerly Special Operations Weather)

SERE is now the only specialty in the "SPECIAL WARFARE ENABLER CAREER FIELD (1T)". This was previously the (1T) Aircrew Protection Career Field. Although the career field summary is changed to reflect change to enabler and distancing from primary focus on aircrew there is no change to the SERE Specialty description or specialty code.

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Jan 20, 2020
I'm digging a lot through the internet trying to find out what SR is all about I know its new but still trying, I found a good podcast with the guy that made the pipeline but even he cant fully answer everything becomes it's not set 100% yet on what the SR mission fully entails. If there's anyone who is an SR and could chime in that would be awesome.