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Discussion in 'Special Operations Selection Preparation' started by Brosschow, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    Hello guys. I have an odd question about preparation for SARC.

    What exactly are the other team members like on behavior?

    This sounds like a stupid question. But I've been training for SARC for quite some time, and I'm about to have the opportunity to go through a pipeline during FMTB, which is in 2 days for me.

    But one of the biggest struggles I have is "fitting in" with the other team guys. I got this one EOD drop out who constantly gives me shit every single day. Just a real fucking asshole for no reason. Just so happens he wants to go SARC and has recon orders already.

    I'm 20 years old, and I was talking about the possibility of waiting until my three years as an FMF Corpsman are up until I put in a package for recon so I have the experience, maturity, and more training in my belt.

    The dude laughed in my face and kept calling me a pussy for "DOR-ing".

    I can handle banter here and there, but my real question is: are pretty much most team guys just act like alpha male douchebags?

    tl;dr do most team guys act like alpha male douches or am I just being a bitch

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for any ignorance or sounding like a bitch.
  2. WarMachine504

    WarMachine504 Verified SOF

    Don't you just hate it when someone answers your question with a question? Mind if I ask you some (these are rhetorical btw)? Would you let someone with a bad attitude stop you from doing what you want to do? Would YOU want YOU on your team? Why? Why not? Fortify the why's and fix the why not's.
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  3. Etype

    Etype Special Forces Verified SOF

    I would question myself more than I questioned others if one person, who I described as an asshole, stopped me from doing something I truly wanted to do.

    If you have a problem fitting in, that problem is your own. Members of SOF should be able to fit in with a wide range of others.
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  4. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    Yeah you dudes are right. It kind of fucks with me mentally when somebody who has some experience in the field that I want to be in so much tells me "nope, you don't got it, you're a pussy ass bitch, kid. you shouldn't even be in the military" (who's not an instructor)

    I think I need to do 2 things here:
    1) Open up to people more and not keep to myself so much
    2) Be the guy I want on my team

    Thanks for the reality check guys
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  5. AWP

    AWP Formerly Known as Freefalling Administrator

    The best revenge is living well or in this case, succeeding.
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  6. SpaceshipDoorGunner

    SpaceshipDoorGunner SOT-A Verified SOF Support

    It doesn't sound like this guy has any real idea of what he's talking about either... Seeing as how you said he was an EOD drop out. Sounds like some serious insecurity on his part.
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  7. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    Hell fucking yes to that

    Maybe. He's a pt stud, I'll give him that. I'd kick down doors with him but I won't be his drinking buddy. Plus if we both make it through he'd be stuck with me lol

    That is if I choose to go through now at my current age (20 years old) instead of waiting 3 years to mature and build a solid foundation as a corpsman before putting in a package. So everything is up in the air as of now.
  8. Teufel

    Teufel Force Recon Verified SOF

    The Basic Recon Course is extremely challenging course. 70% of your fellow candidates will quit. It sounds like your "once a quitter..." friend will be on the wrong side of those odds. Again. Worry less about him and focus on you. The Recon and SARC communities are great. Time to prove that you have what it takes to join them. I strongly suspect your buddy does not. Don't let him drag you down.
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  9. Scubadew

    Scubadew Verified Military

    That guy sounds like a tool and you sound like you need to toughen up.
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  10. Devildoc

    Devildoc Verified Military

    Fuck him. He quit, and he is giving you a ration of crap?? There is a reason he didn't make it, and there is a reason he won't make it.

    Ignore him and grow some thicker skin.
  11. JohnBender

    JohnBender Infantry Verified Military

    While I am not a Recondo, I spent my first deployment attached to 2nd Recon as a dumb grunt with a Javelin. I had the privilege of not just being down range side by side with SARCS, but learned a ton from them via TCCC courses and off-line impromptu courses. I think they are a fantastic community, and especially some of the senior SARCs were some real badass mother fuckers. Two of the ones I served with moved onto SOF units, including (from what I heard) one that the media loves to talk about. The community was solid, and they were treated extremely well. While I cannot confirm this, one of those SARCs I just mentioned supposedly was a team leader on their last Afghan pump. I don't know if that is true or not, but I do know he was respected, experienced, and loved enough to fill that billet. It is worth it to go through BRC and beyond to be apart of that, in my opinion.

    Bravado is everywhere. To hell with it, ignore it and move on. Hell, I got postured at and stink eyed by an Air Force ROTC cadet or whatever a few days ago...granted I almost ran him over, but still.

    Mind if I ask what units you were with at Old Crap Lejeune? PM me for PER/OPSEC if you so choose?
  12. x SF med

    x SF med the Troll Verified SOF

    SOF Mentor
    @Brosschow ... ^^^ Listen, heed, act on this. Teufel knows what he's talking about.
  13. Teufel

    Teufel Force Recon Verified SOF

    I've served in the reconnaissance community for a while now. The only person who can tell you that you can't do something is yourself.
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  14. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    Thought I'd do a follow up since a lot has went down with my life;

    So in FMTB we just did a SARC screener with me and 9 guys, EOD guy included.

    Only 3 guys made it. 2 guys were from BUD/S and we absolute PT studs.
    And then there was me.

    So many dudes failed was because the guy screening decided to add an extra minute to everyone's run time intentially. Quality over quantity I guess. So instead of running my usual 9:05, I got a 10:28. The minimum was 10:30 to pass.

    My scores were atrocious but I made it into their SOCP program now, waiting to see if I can pick up orders.

    10:28 Swim
    60 Push Ups
    60 Sit Ups
    13 Pull ups
    "10:28" 1.5 Mile Run

    Plus I was already gassed from the PT we did the day before the PST.

    The other two guys got into the 90s-100s for push and sit and upper 20s for pull ups.

    Mr. EOD guy is disgruntled as fuck for failing his run and is already telling me I got lucky and shouldn't have even made it.

    But fuck it. He might be right, but now I'm going to work harder than ever before. And I have this community to thank for reminding me to give it my all and man the fuck up.

    Thank you guys.
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  15. TLDR20

    TLDR20 SF Medical Sergeant Verified SOF

    SOF Mentor
    I gotta go ahead and call bullshit. The SARC community is critically undermanned and they are Willy nilly adding a minute to runs?
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  16. DasBoot

    DasBoot Ranger Verified SOF

    Also those PT Scores seem a bit extreme....
  17. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    I wish it was bullshit.

    Back then they used to haze the canidates they didn't want until they quit. But my last class complained of hazing to our chain of command, so they're fixing a lot of stuff over at FMTB here and giving everyone just enough safe space.

    The SARC program is apparently ran very poorly and underfunded according to another SARC I chatted with earlier this morning.

    This was something all of our guys, fail or pass, came to conclusion to. It makes sense to me to be quite honest.

    But I could also be wrong. Either way, I need to get my shit together and not toss out excuses for doing poorly
  18. Ooh-Rah

    Ooh-Rah Marine Verified Military

    Stepping gingerly here so I don't veer too far out of my lane. What are you saying that you 'could be wrong' about? The addition of the extra minute?
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2017
  19. Agoge

    Agoge Verified Military

    Sincere question...Is it your thinking that due to being underfunded, they are failing people intentionally?
  20. Brosschow

    Brosschow Doc Verified Military

    Yep, the extra minute. It's all heavy speculation from every canidate, especially the ones who passed. But until the SARC liason straight up says that was intentional, that's all I'm calling it. Speculation.

    It's a little fucky how it works out here. Normally the average amount of seats for the SARC pipeline itself is approximately 2 seats. So I could speculate that they are weeding out people until they get the two rockstars that they want. The detailer was deacribed by our HM1 that he is very difficult to work with in terms of that.

    I hope I didn't come across as an ass here. I'm only relaying what I hear in the HN Underground

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