Ohio Tactical Officer's Association Conference


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Jan 22, 2018
pert near Lake Erie
If anyone is going to the event, which is held at Kalahari June 4th-8th? The conference cost is $300 but includes training from great instructors whose classes would normally far surpass that price. Included in the price are a free BBQ (beer included), range night, and heavily discounted rooms (87/night which includes 4 free water park passes). I honestly think Monday is the best day. Professionals that participated in events like the Hannah Anderson rescue, Pulse Night Club shooting, and the Dallas Officer(s) murder(s) go through debriefings of the events. I got to drink beer with the gentlemen that came up with the robot/explosive idea, not bragging but you can learn some life-saving lessons from these professionals and there's no place better to learn them than over a beer. These AARs are so important, you may never experience an event like these and can use their experiences if they do come knocking.

Be careful.

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