Review One More Sunrise: Memoir of a Combat Infantryman in Vietnam


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Nov 3, 2015
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Durham, NC
I have the good fortune of knowing the author; he is the father of a gal with whom I went to high school. When we were in high school he did talk about some of his Army experiences but was quiet regarding specificities of his service in Vietnam. Per his daughter Mr. Gay wrote this book as some sort of therapy.

It is a fast read, and entertaining (as any first-person memoir can be), and is not unlike just about every other first-hand account of Vietnam. That said, it is still a good book, and if you are one who enjoys reading about that war, worth reading.

One of the 'fresher' aspects of this book is that many (MANY) books seem to focus on SOF, some of the more 'elite' units, or on some key battles, but Mr. Gay's book focuses more on the everyman-infantryman, the poor E1 toting the rifle in everyday situations. His reflections regarding fear, anxiety, and confronting the unknown are refreshing as a lot of books tend to minimize those aspects.

I liked it, but then, I am biased. If anyone reads it and wants to contact the author, let me know and I can arrange an intro.