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Opinions Regarding Marine Corps Times Article

Apr 30, 2018
During my research about BRC, I came across this article written by the MCT talking about recon and getting recruiting numbers up. What caught my eye however was the last couple paragraphs talking about the introduction of MART and how successful it has been with BRC graduation rates. The article claims that MART has bumped up graduation rates to an average of 82%. I am taking these numbers with a grain of salt, but it makes me think that most Marines must be dropping out of MART now. I also believe the article is trying to coerce hesitant Marines of lat moving with the secure idea of an 82% graduation rate. Just wanted to see if anyone else had read this and what you think about this article...
Marine recon rebrands: 'All it takes is all you got'
Apr 28, 2018
Pennsylvania, United States
What I understand from the article is that the Marine Corps Times interviewed a Recon Marine who was tired of having to correct the apparent assumption that he is a Marine Raider - and then it builds onto Recon's "market" (advertising) image in comparison to MARSOC. To summarize the article, MARSOC has a big budget (obviously) and can put a "$500,000 ad campaign behind itself" (according to the quote in this article) while Recon obviously cannot. The article then talks to the point that may be changing with a new marketing/ad/image campaign trying to both differentiate Recons from MARSOC so they can put themselves in the minds of Marines and civilians who may want to be Marines and join Recon ... in order to bolster numbers.

That's my understanding from Marine Corps Times. What this really reads as is MCT interviewed a Recon Marine and they had a discussion but I look forward to seeing any content put out by the USMC because their commercials and such are usually pretty high-quality and interesting to watch.

Here's a couple examples of a MARSOC video and a "Toys for Tots" video from the Marines official channel:

Good post, thank you.


Force Recon
Verified SOF
Mar 15, 2008
Tun Tavern
Those two Recon Marines were the two of the most senior Reconnaissance Marines in the Marine Corps before they retired.

The Hate Ape

SOF Support
Oct 6, 2011
East Coast
I recently left MARSOC to Reconnaissance and have since been with my Company burning through our deployment workup.

Truth be told, I enjoy this command a lot more and am confident others from my previous community would say the same if given the opportunity.

MARSOC has changed a lot and much of its reputation/current leadership was built by the Reconnaissance Marines from OEF/OIF.

My roommate is an element leader in his MSOT and previously deployed with me to the middle east. The other night he was pissed that more than half his team didnt understand basic ambush formations let alone the pure rookie mistakes of forgetting rifles, mission essential gear, etc.. This among other items are a commonality now throughout the Raider Battalions.

This gets blended with the “Joe Cool” vibe of the fratlike, lat moving bros fresh out of ITC already rocking long hair, raider tats and some style of wide framed sunglasses plus the three ribbons on their chest and I want to vomit.

MARSOC is a stellar organization but it outgrew itself and totally dropped the ball on retaining its core elite who have all but went on to higher tiers, got out, or died.

Recon, as I have witnessed with my own eyes is an undermanned and underfunded brotherhood of little misfits that I have come to love. A handful of our guys arent even legal drinking age and their chucks are still wet from dive school but make no mistake - every man in my company is fully absorbed into our mission. They practice their craft with dedication and accept critique, responsibility and the attah-bous with humility.

Ive been here only a few months and have atleast one or two inside jokes with every Marine here up to my Company Commander. I have brothers from my previous world but here I already have a family. It really is unreal.

Ill take that any day over fancy ads or SOCOM funding.
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