Quick Intro and Background

Gucci Bobert

Apr 3, 2020
Birmingham, AL
Hello guys,

My name is Robert and I am a 24 year old college student (sophomore, started late). My military goal is to enlist in the National Guard and try out for SF, specifically 20th Group since I was born and raised in Birmingham.

I have tried to enlist in the Army Reserves before, I was 18 and my MOS was 12B. I was PDQ’d due to an H3 hearing level. My waiver was disapproved, despite being very borderline H2. I am trying again now that I am older and wiser, with no progressive hearing loss. My backup is 68W supporting the 20th (hopefully) and I have an ASVAB of 77.

My recruiter said he is more than willing to get me down to MEPS and get a physical and get the paperwork submitted for a waiver, but has made no promises (thankfully lol). I’m waiting to go to MEPS until the covid-19 situation settles, then it’s out of my hands until I get the pass or PDQ again.

I’ve been reading up on this thread, and it’s gold. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge and giving us a peek into your mindset.