Ranger Regiment inducts newest distinguished members

Discussion in '75th Ranger Regiment' started by 275ANGER!, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Good to see CSM Dotson on the list. He was one of the few heavy hitters that I believe actually “got it”, he understood Regiment and the men that make it work. He should have been tapped to be the Battalion CSM instead of Legg when Pallister left for RSM after all he left early retirement to comeback as the OSM. Regiment needs to hold on to people like him instead of bringing in outsiders. I think CSM Dotson was also the reason we started sending guys down to CDQC again.

    http://news.soc.mil/releases/News Archive/2008/September/080923-01.html
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    Congrats to all!
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    Personally, I think this list is a bit of a joke.

    You've got officers that did 'maybe' 4-8 years on here...and how many NCO's that have served a decade in Battalion or more that get no recognition? It's just another accolade for their resume. Same issue I have with the RHOF...until they address that, it's credibility is lacking in my opinion...just my .02 and worth what you paid for it ;)
  4. Bielich gave me a no-go in Mountains and was always on my ass. :mad:

    Ahhh memories :D

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