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Feb 5, 2018
Hey guys, basically I want to be a ranger. Long story short, back in October I earned a contract that was 11x option 40. I ended up not being able to ship and I tore my meniscus. My recruiters said to ship and just go straight to sick call, however, everyone who I spoke to(Reddit, Former Military personnel, 75th recruiting) told me to cancel the contract in order to heal. My knee is starting to heal I went back to my recruiter, they basically told me that there were know option 40 11x contracts. They offered me 18x and said I could just fail out of SFAS and drop a packet for RASP. This seemed not to be a good Idea so I declined the offer I think this pissed them off because they said they were going to close my application. My question is what should I do? Try to get a regular 11x or 11x option 4 and try to get a slot for rasp in basic? take the 18x? wait? any tips would help a bunch.

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You got warned in another thread in a different sub-forum about this exact post. This is your lucky day, I feel like mentoring you, but you still won't like it. YOU are not special here, you are asking us to help, but go about it in an extremely rude manner - you haven't read, or you chose not to follow, the rules of the site. read everything in the New members start here area... EVERYTHING. and then you tell us what you're doing wrong.

Spamming for answers is one of the few things that really gets my NCO going... You will not do it anymore, this is a statement, not a request or a suggestion. You're old enough to know better and should have enough self discipline to follow instructions, especially if you desire to join the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Use the search function.

Get on the tasks outlined here.

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