Aug 22, 2018
Hello All,

Its been some time since I last posted so Ill reintroduce my self. Im a 25 year old college student seeking a career in an army special operations unit. I graduate this December and I then plan to enlist. My motivation for enlisting is to help clean out some of the evil in this world and to give those who are oppressed a fighting chance. Ive been training for the last 2 years to ensure success in whatever pipeline I enter. My foundation of running and calisthenics is strong and competitive. I am ready physically and academically.
What is holding me back is my friends and family chipping at my motivation for wanting this lifestyle. I come from a hippie background, my friends are peace loving deadheads. I believe our country is out to make the world a better place and I believe in the upholding human rights and the values of democracy. We constantly get in debates about the GWOT and the morality of wars we have been involved in over the last 20 years. They say that we come in with good intentions and end up oppressing the populations we seek to free. My uncles are ex-marines (one was wounded in Vietnam) and they are not happy with the way our country treats our warriors. They say we go overseas to fight wars that no one cares about or understands. The thought of that hurts. I have watched the Green Beret documentary "Why We Fight Now- The GWOT". I connect to their motivation for being in the fight. I want to believe that the end result of the job I am training so hard for is to free the oppressed and not to line some politicians pocket. I understand that this is a job where freedom of thought is limited, and I am okay with that as long as the motives are just.




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Sep 7, 2006
Good on you to reintroduce yourself. Your opinions are yours, theirs are theirs and just because they are different doesn't mean one set is right and the other wrong.


Small point of order - I bet if you ask your uncle's they'll tell you they are former Marines not ex-marines. Grammar, punctuation, and terminology convey respect, intelligence and maturity.


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Sep 16, 2019
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My experience with this is that once you get to boot camp, none of the lack of family/friends support matters. At that point you are able to surround yourself with patriots such as yourself. This is especially true if you join with a SOF contract, because everyone with a similar SOF contract has joined for similar reasons as yourself.