Realistic or not? Pursuing a college degree while in the teams?


Dec 14, 2015
After high school, I took a couple years to go out of country for church service, which means, now that I'm back, I am midway through my first year of college at age 21 (soon to be 22.) My ultimate goal is to be a SEAL (even though I mentioned Army SF in my introduction post... Being near the beach again has made me realize where my heart is.) The dilemma I'm facing is whether I enlist after finishing my degree (computer science) or sooner.

It would probably take me about a year to get back in shape to get a good score on the PST and enlist. However, staying in college for the next 3-4 years would mean getting my degree, as well as allow me ample time to get in the absolute best physical shape I could possibly be in. The latter option also means I would be starting my journey to become a SEAL at 25-26 years old, which isn't very appealing.

I think I would want to spend as much time as possible in a "boots on the ground" role, however, my goal is to eventually become an officer. Having that degree is important, but I don't want to wait that long before I get going on this part of my life. Many suggest enlisting on a SEAL contract and then applying for OCS after you get a couple years of experience under your belt. This sounds like the ideal path, but it's a matter of having the degree. If I were to enlist before finishing college, how realistic would it be to finish my degree while on active duty as a SEAL?

(I understand that finishing my degree first might be the safest, smartest option, but the trade-off is time. If it is possible to do it without having to wait so long before enlisting, then I would much rather take that option.)


Sep 12, 2012
This forum has a pretty amazing search thread, give it a shot. Just typing "college degree" brings up 10 pages of threads on the topic alone. Including this one...

college first, navy second?
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