.RECON questions i have not seen answered and a personal question

Aug 28, 2018
After debating between which SOF i wanted to get a contract for i finally settled on RECON. I have been contemplating this decision for a while and finally decided there's no time like the present to go for it. I ship out in December with a decent chance that my ship date is moved to October. After rifting through this forum for the past couple of months i thought it appropriate that i finally make an account and ask you all some questions i either couldn't find an answer to or just ask you for your various takes on my situation and my level of readiness for the ensuing challenge i have ahead of me. If some of the questions i pose to you seem trivial or stupid i apologize.

General Questions i haven't seen answered
  1. From all of the research i have done shooting expert at bootcamp appears to be mandatory for going to BRC. Is this true and if so is this an easy task to accomplish?
  2. On the chance i make it all the way through the RECON training pipeline what level security clearance will i need? I have an interim secret clearance at the moment but will that have to be upgraded to TS?
In regards to my level of readiness for this challenge i am currently putting out 17 pullups, 88 crunches, and a 20 minute mile run. My GT score is 118. I have been working on stepping up my PFT numbers and i still have a few months to go before i ship to continue to get those numbers boosted unless i ship out in October which then gives me roughly 1.5 months. Am i under prepared? If so will Boot Camp at Parris Island help me bump these numbers up?


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Nov 3, 2015
Durham, NC
Please capitalize your I's. Attention to detail is a hallmark of a professional.

Continue to work out, both body and mind. Best of luck!


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Mar 15, 2008
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Keep at it. 17 pull ups isn’t bad for someone who is just starting their career. Expert marksmanship is not required for recon training but you will almost certainly qualify expert after some recon training.

You will get a clearance when you get to your battalion. Don’t worry about it.


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Feb 27, 2014
I'm not sure about everyone else, but one of the things that I looked forward to the most in boot was finally shooting my M16. I had never fired a gun before bootcamp. Just listen to your coach and do what they teach you. If you do that, you'll do just fine. Your range book is there to help you. Use it. Take notes on good shots and bad shots. What did your trigger pull and release sound like, how was your breathing, wind conditions, check weld, etc. I shot Expert and ended up a Third Award Expert, missed a year on the range due to duty location not having a range.


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Jun 29, 2014
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M16s are tinker toys. You'll do fine, very little recoil from those 223s. Back in the old Corps blah blah blah blah 😉

Good luck