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Jan 24, 2008
So one of my best buds was recently retired due to an on duty injury. He spent 25 years in LE, CID, SWAT, Hostage Negotiator, Senior Sgt, etc.

Anyway, he ripped his knee apart about ten years ago, chasing a perp over a fence. Had some serious surgery, recovered and carried on with work. About 2 years ago, he blew out the same knee on a SWAT call out for an active shooter.

So he has some more surgery, but the doc fucked up apparently, and ended up collapsing the knee. So my buddy at the age of 50, gets a knee replacement. Well that didn't go so well either, major loss of mobility, instability, pain, etc. 2 years later about a year after the knee replacement, his PD decides to retire him. He was obviously not happy about ending his career, but has come to terms with it.

After 25 years of service, two injuries on duty, and permanent disability, my buddy is receiving $1,168 a month in retirement. Apparently due to him not being able to finish the 30 year requirement of service, his pension has been reduced to less than half.

Now he has other retirement funds, 401k and some IRA's, money's he ratholed over the years, and he will be getting a severance package from the PD and Social Security SSI.

But man it just pisses me off to no end, that after a quarter century of service and legitimate in the line of duty injuries, he is being compensated so little.

We were talking, while fixing his old POS truck. Me of course, dude go buy a new truck, fuck there are all kinds of sales right now. He kept saying he didn't want another payment, etc. Finally he broke down and explained why, the above-mentioned bullshit, and honestly I'm fucking furious. Not just because he is one of my best buds, but because a man who has done so fucking much for his community, is reduced to an income unable to buy a new vehicle. Meanwhile every shit bag, dope smoking, felon he has protected the community against, is cashing unemployment and food stamps and driving brand new shit, while we slave over his POS truck.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant a bit on that, and state to all you guys working in LE, to read the fine print and make sure you are aware of the retirement system you are in. I know my buddy never thought in a million years, he would give up his mobility for a $1,168 a month.

Stay safe guys...


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Jun 29, 2014
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He needs to apply for Social Security Disability. That will augment his retirement pay by another 1,700 a month. Career-ending injuries should be ample evidence to support a claim.

There aren't many options or opportunities for white guys in their 50s who get laid off.
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Oct 14, 2010
I truly wish him the very best with his next chapter and sincerely hope that a door opens for him to be able to have some additional income. That entire situation is say the least!


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Apr 26, 2017
Man, sometimes life really isn't fair. We all know people on disability and taking advantage of the system. Unfortunately, sometimes good guys do finish last. Best wishes to your bud!