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Sep 23, 2006
We get taskers in our city to serve warrants for the feds when it's a big sweep. Sometimes we even get taskers to go out of county to help other agencies to serve thier warrants as part of a big sweep.

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Its interesting times we are living in. With more events occurring within our borders (and more to come) local law enforcement has been called out. Its either train up to do more duties on a patrol level or default to either an In-house Team, multi - jurisdictional or State team. I see Patrol doing more things now then ever before.

Hell, I remember one night that there was a barricaded suicidal subject that I had the boss tell me to put an entry team together with the patrol guys that were there. That was because even though first officers on the scene spoke to the neighbors and they said that they heard the guy fire off a couple rounds outside the house, the command staff were not able to interview the witness' themselves (they and all other surrounding houses were evacuated by Patrol). All worked out in the end. The bad guy was calling his girlfriend and having her tell the police that he could see us and there was no reason to hang around the house. Ya, I know not a very good place to be.

Back on target. Yes, towns need to have the ability to have a specialized unit to take care of the things that are above patrol capability (same with an investigations unit). They are scenes where extra manpower and equipment are needed to complete the mission. I see tons of equipment available to patrol units (Investigations too), its just that swat teams train up for the unexpected more than Patrol level units do (and Patrol does do some great work, I know I am a patrolman who is swat).

Today's Patrol Officer is not like those of years past. Too many recent events have shown that.

I can go on but will not do so in an open forum.


Apr 5, 2013
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Thought of this thread with the recent news: "263 arrested in gang sweep" :thumbsup: wish it happened more often.

(CNN) — A nationwide sweep by federal agents targeting the violent MS-13 street gang has resulted in hundreds of arrests, including 263 gang members, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced Friday.

Those arrested in the July and early August sweep include suspects wanted on murder, assault, sexual assault, robbery and kidnapping charges, among other offenses, ICE said in a news release.

Among those charged are 158 members and associates of MS-13, with 105 others allegedly belonging to other gangs. Authorities arrested 84 non-gang members wanted on criminal charges and 14 people on immigration violations as part of the same sweep, according to the federal agency.

Special agents with ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations unit also seized 28 firearms, 10 kilograms of marijuana, 123 grams of cocaine, over 770 grams of heroin and about $22,400 in cash.

Agency officials describe MS-13 — also known by the name Mara Salvatrucha — as “one of the most dangerous transnational criminal gangs in the world today.”

Salvadoran immigrants fleeing that nation’s civil war started MS-13 some years ago in Los Angeles.

Since then, the group has grown to about 10,000 members — most of them Central and South American immigrants — operating in largely independent chapters across 42 states, according to the FBI. Authorities allege MS-13 members engage in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking, murder, rape, robbery and other crimes.

And MS-13 extends well beyond the United States, which is why many efforts to combat it have spanned borders.

In 2005, for instance, a two-day operation involving more than 6,400 government agents in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico led to 660 arrests. Some 237 of those arrests were in El Salvador, with 73 in the United States.

And last October, President Barack Obama’s administration named the organization a transnational criminal enterprise, with the goal of freezing millions of dollars in profits from drug and sex trafficking operations.


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Sep 6, 2008
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Any sworn law enforcement officer can make an arrest based on a warrant, no matter the jurisdiction (minus extradition issues). Non-federal LE working on federal task forces are sworn in as special deputy U.S. marshals. In some jurisdictions, such as Arizona, the SO reciprocates the deputization. The cases that Arrow references where multiple SWAT teams are making entries based on arrest and/or search warrants on federal cases were more than likely OCDETF round ups, tied to the FBI/DEA/ATF. Ask me how I know...then again, don't.

As for all these random federal entities having SWAT or tactical teams, I can tell you from personal experience that if they actually have them, I am apparently better at making arrests than their tactical teams as I have been requested by many of these random, weird federal LE agencies to arrest people on their behalf. If I (or others in my org) were unavailable, they would contact local or county LE. If the local or county agency used SWAT to serve that up, then that is on them...

This is pretty much exactly where I was trying to go. When it comes to highly administrative entities, it would make more sense to bolster an agency's manpower that could effectively perform "blanket duties" as the primary execution manpower for said administrative agencies that have the warrant and/or is conducting the end-game investigation. It would be almost akin to Regiment's assistance with other unit's missions. Individual operation specifics would vary in terms of say, specific evidence protection/collection/whatever, but the meat and potato portion of warrant service would be the same. Having that group of say, Marshals as an example, who through repetition of training and actual execution maintain a high level of performance capability being the primary numerical element performing the service with specialty attachments from the originating agency, would arguably have a higher level of success and overall safety for both public, personnel, and perps, as well as being more fiscally prudent, than tens to hundreds of these groups/teams, all parallel mission with only maybe 10% divergence of investigative function/focus.

Hell, it might be something that gets brought up with regards to the recent EO put out regarding executive branch streamlining and reduction of redundancy/waste.