Rucksack chafing

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Oct 12, 2014
I've recently started incorporating a 50lb, 3 mile ruck for time over very rigorous terrain into my regular fitness routine once a week, soon to increase to 6 miles, then 9 etc. All is going well and my times are improving but my waste strap is chafing the hell out of me. I've got a solid scab line from the front of my right hip bone, around my back and to the front of my left hip bone at my belt line. It's usually healed by the next ruck day to not cause an issue, but I'm sure this will pose an problem if I'm under a ruck for day in/day out for weeks at SFAS (i.e. Infection etc).

Any personal tips/techniques on how to prevent this? Or just suck it up and develop the world's biggest callous?
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