Nov 19, 2016
Hello, I just recently found out about the SARC program from my recruiter and I have some questions that I'm sure people on this forum can shed some light on. First off I am shipping to Navy basic in 12 days with a corpsman contract, from the start I planned on going to the greenside to be with fmf. I figured this route would help prepare me to get into the SEALS because it is one of the most pyshcially demanding rates in the Navy besides any NSW. Just a few days ago I found out about the SARC program from a retired fmf corpsman. So my question is do SARCS take the marine corps pfa? Or the SEAL PST? I have been working out with a SEAL motivator and have taken two SEAL psts. It seems every website I search has conflicting ideas when it comes to this and the Navy has nothing to offer with information because so little is known about being a SARC. So anyone help or advice would greatly be appreciated, I plan to take my A school time to continue working out and hopefully get in touch with a good group of motivated individuals with a like mind set. I know I'm new to the forum so again any and all help advice, constructive criticisms or just critisicms in general will be welcomed.


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Jan 28, 2016
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Have you been to

During your screening you will take the NSW style PST. You will also interview with an SOIDC (NEC 8403), after completing all other requirements. All the requirements for accession are in MILPERSMAN 1306-983 (link is on the website).


Jan 7, 2009
@tadpole, you are advised to read more and post less. You have been on the site 24 hours and have started more threads than me in the last year probably.

Much of what you have asked has been answered.


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Mar 15, 2008
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Let me help you out. I've taken many physical fitness tests for a number of different programs in multiple services. Most of them consist of doing as many push-ups, sit-ups (or crunches) and/or pull ups as you can within 2 minutes, and running a 1.5 mile, 2 mile or 3 mile run as fast as you can. Some of them included a 500m swim (sometimes in full uniform) and others a 500m or 1000m fin for time (also at times in uniform). I've also done forced marches and ruck runs of various lengths. Design a program to do as many push ups, sit ups, pull ups within 2 minutes as humanly possible, get fast at running 3 miles, and swimming 1000m for time. Anything less than that will seem like a breeze.