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    When you are required to give pink cards, and required to rank people in chronological order, you have to rate people poorly.
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    Id say it worked then and we move on with our own observations.
    Its not designed to force someone to fail as Ranger is. It gives us a small glimpse of how their peers see them; are some working harder than others, did one guy say he just wants the tab, does another just feel like getting paid, one guy just putting minimum effort in, does one guy take charge and motivate the rest ect. It has no real value per se, but just another piece of info to collect.
    So, I dont think that will happen, as it will be clearly stated that noone will be peered out, I dont believe someone HAS to fail.
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    Ours may not mimmick what you know of as i dont haver it as chronological order, but i think my goal with it is different from what is usually associated with peer evals
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    Peer evolution was part of my personal selection process as well as a interview with senior members of the platoon.

    We graded our peers a long with explanations why. It was anonymous, and we were later handed back a copy of what our peers thought of us.

    We also didn't shoot or get many classes, pretty much just a slay fest. Most quit or passed out.
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