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Dec 27, 2012
Hello All,

I receive lots of PMs asking about SOF Surgical teams in general and SOST in particular. I enjoy answering them as best I can and try not to speculate but be as factual as possible. I keep in contact with team members in SOST and JMAU but I really don't know much about the Army GHOST teams other than working with them once and I don't know of any Navy equivalent.

I get a lot of interest in reserve SOST so I asked my buddy who just retired from the team after 7 or 8 busy years and he gave the current thinking. Right now the only reservists they plan to use are former team members who are transitioning off AD and have proved to be worth keeping. We plan to talk soon to get more details and when we do I will let everyone know if there is anything earth shattering.

If people are interested I will post updates when I have pertinent information.