Some guys just really want it...


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Jun 17, 2011
So relatively recently I attended an SFRE, of which the final event was a 6mi ruck march. (APFT+, 90min break where you write an essay,5mi run, 75min lunch break, 6mi ruck)

I had paired up with this big homie (Ranger Qualified 19D) mid way through and I remember sitting on the back of his truck prior to the kick off of the shit show. I was greasing up my hooves with some vaseline and offered to share it with him. He obliged and applied it to his heels. I distinctly remember saying something to the affect of "Hey, bro, you should smear that all over those dogs." to which he replied that they would be alright and we were almost done. I shrugged and assumed he knew what he was doing. I then slipped on my liner sock and wool socks and rucked up for a little jaunt .

Fast forward to the finish and we get weighed, seated on our rucks and are given. debrief and evaluation. NBD, everything was cool and laid back and Big Dude was pretty stoic and seemed stoked to have finished in time.

Afterwards we get back to the hotel nearby and I watch him limp to the room. I just assumed he was tight after the 15min car ride. He then proceeds to take off his boots and socks and they look like this. Straight fuckin' nasty hamburger foot. I asked him how the fuck something like that happens and he replied that he left his good boots at home and all he had were brand new ones so he went for it.


Well then, fuck me running up hill in ice skates in a snow storm.

Needless to say, he showed some serious commitment and got picked up. 'Merica.

TL;DR: Dude had foot blisters along the whole bottom of his foot and finished the ruck regardless in enough time to make it onto the training team.




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