SPC Kuhn. A Co 2/75.


Verified SOF
Apr 12, 2011
The U.S. Army Ranger who died in an accidental shooting Wednesday at a training facility near the Oregon coast had just celebrated his birthday days earlier.

Officials identified Spc. Devin James Kuhn as the soldier who died after a shot was fired Wednesday night in the housing area at Camp Rilea. The shot was fired during a training, according to officials.

Kuhn died from his injuries in the emergency room at Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria.

Camp Rilea, based in Warrenton, is the primary training facility for the Oregon National Guard.

Kuhn, originally from Philadelphia, had just turned 24 on Sunday.
Soldier who died in accidental shooting at Camp Rilea identified

I went to RASP with Kuhn. We weren’t best friends or anything but he was a good dude. My best friend since airborne is in A Co and was out there when it happened. He hasn’t given me any details yet and I doubt he’ll be able to speak on it for a while. He’s the first person from our class to be KIA/KIT. I’m praying for his family and his Ranger buddies. This shit happens way too often....


May 28, 2015
Rest In Peace, Ranger. I'm sorry for your loss DasBoot. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.