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Spec Ops Flight at USAF BMT ???

Is there specific flights in AF BMT consisting only of Spec Ops guys who get more PT and pool work?

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  • No

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Ball N' Chain

Verified Military
Feb 1, 2017
I was told by my recruiter today that guys going Spec Ops, (PJ for me) are placed in a flight together and are given more time for PT and even get to work in the pool. He said it is a fairly new program due to the complaints of regression by Spec Ops guys going into Indoc.

Can this be confirmed by some of you guys who have been through? Specifically Air Force.

I am not saying my recruiter is a liar, he has been awesome throughout this process, but I have been told to be wary of things that they say.


Verified Military
Dec 24, 2012
You do, sort of. Basically get an hour or two on Saturdays to swim freestyle and you'll get time to do some extra cals once in awhile, but BMT bs takes priority so don't expect to always get extra time.