Star Wars - ** SPOILERS ** discussion thread


Feb 14, 2012
Well, so far The Mandalorian has delivered. These first two episodes have been compact, easy-to-digest, and nicely paced, and despite being shorter than the first episode the second one did quite a bit with little dialogue. For those of you who also enjoyed Rogue One, the series has that same satisfying slice-of-life feel that really helped to expand the SW universe beyond the trilogies. The plotline as of yet is even simpler, but this makes room for more misadventures to occur that have only added to the show's appeal. Given there are only six episodes left in this season, I suspect the events in episode two are just the calm before the storm.

Musically it was refreshing that they avoided trying to remind you of what universe you were in by deliberately weaving the SW main theme into the scores, which were unique and easily stood on their own. Artistically it felt almost like a graphic comic series or anime brought into live action format.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how Disney so far has avoided tanking the integrity of the harsh setting given its PG rating. Minimal gore, nonexistent adult scenes, and even the few doses of cuteness in the second episode did nothing to take away from the gritty space western feel.

I have spoken.


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Feb 5, 2011
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Good show so far, I had to laugh seeing him walk back to his ship and seeing the Jawa's had stripped it...then disintegrating Jawa's with a cool rifle, and climbing up their vehicle and pulling them off to their death....good times.