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@Arf What would you say is a good goal to strive for for treading? An hour? With hands or without?
Building the Endurance to Run Fast after Swimming?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding treading from not only SWCC hopefuls, but SEAL / MARSOC Raider / Recon / ParaRescue PJ / Combat Controller CTT / Special Reconnaissance SR / Special Operations Weather Technician SOWT / Navy EOD / Diver / Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman SARC / Combat Diver hopefuls. (Intentionally obnoxious for keyword search function.) Let me know if I forgot other Combat Swimmers so I can add it to the list.

Egg beater Treading is a difficult skill to learn, but it’s all about muscle memory. Once you get the movement down you need to keep practicing until you can do it without thinking about it. If you are holding a weight, you will revert to whatever you practice the most, because I promise you, it will be sheer terror and panic.
If you can’t get in the pool, I firmly believe laying on your back and going through the motions, or even sitting on the edge of a chair is a good way to practice. Similar to dry firing a gun. You have to practice it enough for it to be second nature.

As I said before, this skill takes a long time to
learn, but keep practicing and I promise you it gets better with time. When I first started playing waterpolo, I couldn’t tread water for longer than 60 seconds. Now I can tread water with both hands out of the water for literally hours.

You might feel initially more comfortable trying to do the breaststroke kick to tread just because both legs move simultaneously, but I promise you it is not nearly as efficient, and when you are treading with weight, you will drown.
Learn the egg beater tread, guys. There is a reason all water polo players tread with the egg beater. I promise you there is no better way.

Once you get this down, a decent workout that I still like to do is 20 seconds hands out of the water, then 20 seconds lock your arms straight up above your head and keep the water at your arm pits (at the very least your elbows out of the water). Do this for 5 minutes back to back without putting your hands in the water. If you can do this and keep your clavicle at the water line the whole time you will do alright at the tread tests.

Here is another thread that links to various swimming questions I have answered.

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