The First Infantry Division and the U.S. Army Transformed: Road to Victory in Desert Storm, 1970-1991 (American Military Experience)

Eagle 92-94

101st Airborne Division
Verified Military
Jun 9, 2018
This is a very detailed book about the 1st Infantry Division during Desert Storm. It covers the Task Forces 1-41 and 3-66. I was with 1-41 so it filled in some gaps for me. It's a very thick book 526 pages. They provided ALMOST every detail about TF 1-41 based on my experience. I even found a paragraph on me and my guys. That being said I was the final guy they found at 10:30am. "blushes"

Not long after Jones's encounter, COL Weisman learned that a reconnaissance party from 4-3 FA had mistakenly moved well forward of his leading units. Weisman ordered LTC Lanny Smith to have them dig in and await relief. The reconnaissance party went to ground northeast of Jones'...s TF 3-66 AR, so the armor task force went looking for the lost artillerymen. As the task force approached the isolated Americans, enemy infantry foolishly took it under fire from fighting positions near the disoriented reconnaissance party. Jones directed his tanks and Bradleys to fight with only machine guns rather than cannons to reduce the danger of hitting TF 1-41 IN, which stood just beyond the enemy. TF 3-66 AR machine gun fire drove the enemy right into TF 1-41 IN with Hillman's troops capturing all eight of them. TF 3-66 AR recovered the members of the lost reconnaissance party, unharmed, around 10:30am.