Torrey Pines Logic T10

Diamondback 2/2

Verified Military
Jan 24, 2008
Military Mentor
It's 'neat' but I wouldn't call it a game changer, in home defense or CQB. I wouldn't use one for my personal home defense application, mainly because I prefer the use of low light tactics with use of weapon and hand-held lights for search and disorientation of threats in CQB environments (specifically within the home). Especially with the strobe modes that are ever more common in quality tactical lights on the current market. Low light CQB tactics are simple and can be studied online and practiced within the home. Cost effectiveness a $30 light some water guns and a little bit flashlight wars with your kids in the dark, would be far more cost efficient, fun, and more practical for the home owner.

As for a tactical application (Mil/LE) NOD and IR laser is normally available and would be far superior in the CQB environment.

Just my opinion.