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Trauma Kits/IFAKs - SOTech Viper vs BFG Micro Trauma Kit


Verified Military
Aug 19, 2014
The Desert
Hey gents,

Does anyone have any experience with SOTech's Viper Flat IFAK, Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma kits, or similar 'small of back'/belt mounted IFAK's? I'm looking for an alternative to my company's issued pouch and prefer to live by the 'buy once, cry once' philosophy. Reason behind a belt mounted IFAK is because my job often involves me not wearing my kit and being in a vehicle for long periods of time and I'd like my medical gear, sidearm/ammo, radio, etc. on my person when my kit isn't within arms reach.

SOtech Viper:
Viper Flat IFAK, A1

BFG Micro Trauma Kit:
Micro Trauma Kit NOW! EDC Trauma Kit | Tactical Trauma Kit | IFAK Kit

Thoughts, opinions?
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